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Contact details

I prefer synchronous over asynchronous communication for most matters - see talk to me for further details. Unfortunately, given the volume of emails I receive, I cannot guarantee that I will read or respond to emails sent to me.

Opt-out choice

My contact details (those given above and any other contact details for me) are intended for personal communication. I herewith opt-out of receiving any unsolicited bulk communication sent using my contact details (with only those exceptions listed expressly below). My opt-out choice applies whether such communication has been personalised or not.

The only forms of bulk communication that I currently find acceptable to be sent to me are

  1. Messages posted to news groups or mailing lists where I have indicated my express desire to be part of the group or list;
  2. Messages sent to news groups or mailing lists where I have agreed to act in some official capacity in the group and such messages form an inherent part of the operation of the group;
  3. Calls for papers for authentic academic conferences and thematic academic journal issues that are directly relevant to my areas of research as specified elsewhere on this site, with the provisos that such communications are
    1. Physically small (less than 20KB for e-mail);
    2. Clearly identified as a CFP; and
    3. Reasonable steps are taken to limit the number of copies I receive; and
  4. Mail sent to me using snail mail, as long as the nature of the communication is clear from the envelope.