WorkFlow Analyzed for Security and Privacy in using Databases

Teepe, van de Riet, and Olivier


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W. Teepe, R. P. van de Riet, and M. S. Olivier. Workflow analyzed for security and privacy in using databases. In B. Thuraisingham, R. P. van de Riet, K. R. Dittrich, and Z. Tari, editors, Data and Applications Security — Developments and Directions, pages 271–282. Kluwer, 2001. Also published as a journal paper Teepe et al. [2003]


When companies interchange information about individuals, privacy is at stake. On the basis of the purpose of the information interchange, rules can be designed for an agent (Alter-ego) to determine whether the requested information can be provided. This purpose can be derived from a WorkFlow specification according to which employees (agents) of one company are executing their tasks. Direct information flow as well as information which might flow through private and covert channels is considered.

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